Wade Calls for Iran’s Activity in Senegal’s Free Trade Zone

A009056869.jpgSenegalese President Abdoulaye Wade demanded Iran to launch extensive business and industrial activities in the free trade zone of his country. Wade made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to that country Jahanbakhsh Hassanzadeh on Monday.

During the meeting, the Senegalese president voiced pleasure in the two countries’ friendly relations, and said he was satisfied with the proper trend of Iran-Senegal cooperation.

He further noted Iran’s good experiences and potentials, and called for Iran’s presence in Senegal’s free trade zone.

Wade expressed the hope that Iranian industries would launch operation in his country’s free trade zone to produce and export their products.

He also proposed that Iran establish truck production lines in his country, given the current need of West Africa and Senegal to trucks and tractors.

For his part, the Iranian envoy noted the two countries’ cooperation, and stressed the need for Iran and Senegal to establish ties in a variety of fields.

He further voiced Iran’s preparedness to further expand ties with Senegal and transfer its experiences to that country in all the required fields.

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