IRGC Official Lauds Iran’s Military Achievements

A009056892.jpgIran’s military achievements are not at all comparable with what existed in the past, a senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) official said here on Wednesday. Operational commander of the joint staff of the IRGC General Ali Fazli noted Iran’s success in manufacturing missiles with a range of over 2000 kilometers, and said the US does not dare to invade Iran.

“But if it embarks on such a foolish act, then it will receive a crushing response and the US should know that it won’t be able to end the story (if it launches an attack on Iran),” he added.

The General said that the braveness of the IRGC forces has made the US troops keep away from Iranian borders and battleships.

“After 215,000 enemy troops, mainly from the US, deployed around our borders, and the responsibility for defending the Persian Gulf was transferred to IRGC troops, Americans ordered their troops to keep five miles away from Iranian battleships,” he said.

The General said that a few weeks ago an Iranian drone had flown over the Persian Gulf and could take several photographs from a US battleship, “and this action created deep fright and confusion among Americans. After they could get rid of their confusion and fright, they sent several warplanes to target our drone, but our plane came back home safely.”

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