South Pars Phase 6 Ready for Operation

A03437406.jpgIran’s caretaker Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari here Wednesday said that phase 6 of Iran’s South Pars Oil and Gas field is now ready to go into operation. Nozari also said that over 97.5% of the construction and introductory steps have been taken for phases 7 and 8, adding that refineries of the said two phases have been completed.

He said phases 7 and 8 will also become operational in three months.

The official further voiced pleasure in the pipe-laying process in the said phases, and mentioned, “Except for some partial problems in the third pipeline, the entire pipe-laying process has also been completed in the said three phases.”

He also expressed hope that the gas fuel needed by phase 6 would be supplied in the next month so that phase 6 could come into operation as a backup for South Pars refineries.

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