Ahmadinejad Dismisses US Sanctions on Iranian Banks

A031190617.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Tuesday dismissed US decision to cut off financial relations with his country’s banks as meaningless. “The United States strove to pass a third sanction resolution at the UN Security Council, but it failed. Owing to the same reason, it embarked on a primitive and flimsy decision to cut off financial relations with three Iranian banks, but this is a decision without any concept and it revealed that they can’t harm Iran,” Ahmadinejad said.

Saying that the Iranian nation does not need the US, he underlined Tehran’s resolve to continue enrichment activities while remaining open to negotiations.

“Iran negotiates only under equal conditions; yet it may not negotiate with anyone about its inalienable rights,” the president said.

He said the world powers have realized that they should recognize Iran’s rights, “but when they are in the public, they resort to psychological warfare and bargaining tactics to receive concessions from Iran. They imagine that they can misuse some (of our) economic problems to claim that their sanctions have been effective and that Iran would give in under increased pressure.”

“But they should know that Iran demands 100 percent of its nuclear rights and they are all obliged to accept this right.

“They should tolerate Iran’s progress… and they should know that Iran intends to conquer peaks in all fields,” the president added.

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