70% of Iranians to Participate in Parliamentary Elections

A014269425.jpgA majority of Iranians will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, results of a recent opinion poll suggested. The poll, ordered by FNA and conducted by one of the creditable polling centers in Iran, said that a minimum 44% and maximum 70% of Iranians will cast a vote in the upcoming elections.

The poll results said that 61% of the 10,830 people polled in different cities of the country viewed the upcoming parliamentary elections as crucially or highly important while 15% viewed it as a little or little important. 24% of the subjects said that elections of the 8th parliament are important to some extent.

Meantime, the poll also said that women, the educated people, the middle-class and those living in towns attached more significance to the upcoming elections than men, those with lower education, those with a high or low level of income and those living in provincial capital cities and villages.

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