Firefights in Chechnya

Mujahideen attacked a reconnaissance unit of Russian invaders in a forested area near village Shamil Kotar in Vedeno district Tuesday, October 3. A fierce firefight lasted for 10 minutes.Mujahideen have no information about Russian casualties. According to radio intercept, the invaders requested an urgent medical aid.  After the clash the Mujahideen withdrew from the scene without having suffered any casualties, Chechen sources report. 

The invaders reported two their collaborators purportedly only wounded in Grozny-Selsky district after their vehicle had come under Mujahideen fire.


Eyewitnesses said, the Russian kept using their heavy artillery for regular concentrated pounding of  forested areas and  neighboring villages. Thus, the peasants in village Serzhen Yurt suffer for a long time already from real artillery terror while the Russian invaders every day and night pound forested areas and other villages surrounding it. The villagers say,  elder persons often die of heart attacks caused by stresses due to shell explosions, fearing that the shells could hit their houses.



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