US Calls on Iran to Provide Information about Missing FBI Agent

A01802261.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The United States demanded on Thursday that Iran share any possible information about former FBI agent Robert Levinson who allegedly went missing in a business trip to the southern Iranian island of Kish in March.

Speaking to reporters, State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said that Iran had conducted an investigation about Levinson but not shared any findings with Washington or with the Levinson family, Xinhua reported.

“We think his family and we are owed a full accounting of what information the Iranian government has,” he told reporters.

“We certainly hope that they will be willing to do so when Mrs. Levinson and members of the family travel there,” Casey said.

Levinson’s wife Christine, their son Daniel, and other relatives plan to visit Tehran, according to the State Department.

But Iran had earlier said that it was not in receipt of any formal visa application by Levinson’s family.

Washington says that Levinson, 59, retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1998.

Iran has also told the United States that it has no information on missing ex-FBI agent.

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