Tajikistan Ready to Open Bank in Iran

A03613123.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Tajikistan has voiced preparedness to launch banking activities in Iran by opening a branch of Tajik Export Bank on Iran’s southern island of Qeshm.

According to Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization, the issue has been raised during a meeting between Hossein Soltani-nia, advisor to Iranian trade minister, and Ashourev, managing director of Tajik Export Bank.

The report also said that during the meeting, the Iranian official has stressed Tehran’s resolve to provide foreign banks with special facilities to help them establish branches or new banking entities on the Qeshm Island.

The Tajik banker said that his bank has representative offices in several countries, including Russia, China, Austria etc., adding that the private entity is ready to open a branch on Qeshm to provide financial and monetary back-up and arrangements in such trade activities as imports, exports, jetty rentals, construction of five-star hotels and presentation of Visa and Master credit cards.

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