Iran MP:Peaceful Nature of Iran’s N. Program Needless of US Approval

A01461131.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities is an established fact needless of the approval of the US bodies and institutions, an Iranian lawmaker said in the wake of a report by 16 US intelligence bodies concluding that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Representative of Zanjan and Tarom at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Jalal Hosseini told FNA that Tehran’s nuclear activities never contained any diversion, adding, “Our nuclear activities are supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency and we have never deviated from our (peaceful) path of activities.”

Meantime, he reminded that the US National Intelligence Estimate reflected a reality.

“The acknowledgment by the US intelligence agencies revealed that we have not had any diversion and that they are the ones who have actually made a deviation in this ground,” the legislator said.

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