Iranian Cleric Blasts US for Lebanon’s Political Crisis

A00389525.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency) Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati slammed the US administration for sowing discord among the Lebanese, saying that the ongoing political crisis in the Middle-Eastern country was created and deteriorated by Washington.

“The history of Lebanon shows that the country has never been entangled with such a political crisis,” Jannati said while addressing a large congregation of worshipers on Tehran University campus here on Friday.

“One should ask Americans why they don’t leave the world people alone, and why they embark on sowing discord,” he added, pointing to the current problem Lebanon is facing with regard to the election of the new president.

Addressing the White House leaders, the cleric further continued, “You created Israel as a cancerous tumor in the heart of Arab countries and you support it. You have caused disunity among Palestinians and you don’t leave Lebanon alone.”

“If Christian scholars and clerics are really faithful to the Christ, they should act upon justice in this regard,” he added.

This week’s Friday Prayers leader of Tehran also extended his congratulations to all the real believers in Christianity on the New Christian Year, saying that Jesus should be considered as among the oppressed prophets, “because certain individuals who allege to be an advocate of Christ, such as US President George W. Bush, kill the innocent people and trigger crisis among the world nations.”

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