Gimry under punitive siege

1_1.jpgDagestan mining village Gimry (birthplace of Imam Shamil) has been under a full blockade for more than two weeks. As nobody is allowed to exit or to enter the village the information comes from there is very little.The relatives and closes ones of the Gimryans who live in other parts of Dagestan, told Kavkaz Centre that the punitive lawlessness against villagers is in full swing.


The Russian kafirs (infidels) are behaving blatantly defiant.  They are always booze, beating people, use foul language, and break into the homes of the villagers several times a day.


According to various information, 15-20 people were abducted and taken away from the village in past two weeks. A young guy who were caught in the first day of the siege, had been beaten to death. He had died. After that Russian kafirs announced of “killing one gunman.”


As it became known only now, last Friday Russian kafirs severely beaten muezzin of Gimry mosque, who as usual came at dawn to the mosque to urge villagers to pray.


After beating Russian broke into the house of the muezzin, ransacked and then attacked the family of his brothers, taking their wives. Two women were taken away to an unknown direction.


For December 27 there is no information about the fate of the abducted women.


Villagers have been able to report to their relatives that the Russian kafirs banned villagers to do morning prayer and Friday-Juma prayer in a mosque.


The relatives of Gimryans living in other regions of Dagestan, said that they are buy food and transfer them to their villagers. Products with phone numbers of those who they are intended for are delivered via murtads of Dagestani “OMON”.  But it is not for free.  For each parcel “OMON” demands 1500 rubles.


According to the latest information (December 27) punitive lawlessness, looting and beating of people in Gimry are continuing.

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