House of the chief of Zyazikov’s puppet government attacked in Nazran

25_1.jpgAccording to sources in the Wilayah of Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate, 9 Muharram 1429 late in the evening (17 January 2008), around 10:10 pm local time, a fierce firefight with the use of assault rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers erupted in downtown Nazran.

The intense shooting continued for 10-15 minutes.

It is reported that the house of Ibragim Malsagov, the chairman of the puppet government of Zyazikov, was attacked. There were no reports of casualties.

We remind, that Rashid Nurgaliyev, the ringleader of the “Interior Ministry of RF” gang of Russian kuffar, and Yuriy Chayka, the ringleader of the “general prosecutor’s office” gang, are in Nazran.

The sources reported, that during the attack Rashid Nurgaliyev could be in Malsagov’s house, arriving there by Malsagov’s invitation after their meeting in Magas at the time . 

Meanwhile, the relatives of the chief of puppet government and the representatives from the “Ministry of Internal Affairs” of Russia deny the fact of attack on Malsagov’s house.


They stated that the shootout was really took place, but shooting allegedly was conducting near the house rather than at the house.


Interestingly, the “policemen” from local “GOVD” (police department), who drove out to the site of the shooting, initially did confirm the fact of attack on Malsagov’s house, and even did report the house has incurred damage. The same has been said by the witnesses who live nearby the house of Malsagov.


However, a few hours later Russian “Interior Ministry” officially stated that the “house of the head of government has not been attacked”.


As it was repotted earlier by “policemen” themselves, an order has been received from the ringleader of local “Interior Ministry” Medov to categorically deny the fact of the attack which is indirectly confirming the fact that Rashid Nurgaliyev could be in Malsagov’s house during the attack.


The fact of the intervention in the case of occupation command of Russian troops in the North Caucasus, make stronger the suspicious. According to the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the rapid response team of the so-called “the joint grouping of Russian forces in Northern Caucasus” had urgently been sent to the Malsagov’s house.


“The rapid response team does not found any traces of bullets, as well as other evidence of shooting”, Russian command claimed.


In this connection a reasonable question raises: if there was no shooting and nothing extraordinary was happened, why send a rapid response unit to the Malsagov’s house? Shootings take place in Nazran every night and every day, but nobody until now had sent military groups on the occasion. 

According to Russian newspaper “Kommersant”, high-ranking Russian officials gathered in Nazran for a quite important “anti-terrorist” meeting which was organized on the order of FSB chief Patrushev. Local apostate officials do not want to admit that the Mujahideen can freely move in downtown Nazran and carry out their operations, because it clearly shows their impotence and failure to combat “terrorism”, so a local Interior Ministry official blamed… the democratic pro-Russian anti-Zyazikov Ingush opposition, which, according to him, organized the shooting to “compromise the authorities, to show that they lost control over the situation”. 

One of the anti-Zyazikov opposition leaders, Magomed Yevloyev, who also runs a popular Ingush web-site, told “Kommersant”: “It is simply stupid to ascribe the shooting attack to the opposition. Despite the declaration about a stabilization in the republic, attacks against civilian and law enforcement officials are happening here almost every day. Attackers clearly demonstrated that the authorities are not able to control the situation even in the day when anti-terrorist commission is meeting”. 

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