Fierce gunbattle in Vedeno. 17 murtadin eliminated, wounded

33_1.jpgKC’s source in the Mujahideen command reported about a fierce gunbattle near the village of Vedeno on 17 Muharram 1429 (25 January 2008) in the afternoon. According to the source, a mobile unit of the Mujahideen of the Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate attacked a big squad of murtadin (apostates). During the fierce firefight the Mujahideen eliminated 8 and wounded no less than 9 murtadin. From the Mujahideen side several fighters were wounded.


The source reported that the killed and wounded murtadin were residents of the villages of Shali and Germenchuk. Germenchuk residents confirmed the fact of the battle and said that several corpses and wounded murtadin were brought to the village.



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