Wilayah Nokhchicho. 3 Invaders Killed, 6 Wounded in Separate Operations Across the Wilayah

30_11.jpgWilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria). According to alkavkaz, Mujahideen under command of amir Yasir recently bombed and destroyed a Zhiguli vehicle with Russian OMON (special purpose police squad) in the town of Nozhay-Yurt. Two kuffar were killed, two wounded.According to Kavkaz-Center’s sources in Wilayah Nokhchicho, yesterday in the afternoon, a patrol of kadyrovite murtaddin was attacked in Zavodskoy district of Jokhar. One kadyrovite was killed, three wounded. 

Russian media confirmed the attack, reporting that yesterday around 5:00 PM near a police station in Zavodskoy district of Jokhar Mujahideen attacked a Zhiguli car with apostate police, wounding two. One policeman later died of his wounds, another is in serious condition. 

Kavkaz-Center’s source also reported a gunbattle in a forest near the village of Avtury. There is no information about enemy casualties, but it is known that several killed and wounded apostates were evacuated from the area. 

Meanwhile, Russian media reported that yesterday, 15 Muharram 1429 (23.01.2008), a kafir from the internal troops of the Russian Ministry of Interior was wounded by an explosive device in a forest near the village of Avtury in Shali district. It could not be verified whether Russian media reported the same operation that was reported by KC’s source. 

Two Russian FSB agents, among them a major, were wounded Wednesday morning when a mortar round landed near them in Vedeno district. The mortar was fired by Russian soldiers who were training in the same area.

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