Iran’s 29-Year Resistance Yields Fruit

A00180928.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Today, Iran celebrated the 29th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution, a day that marks an annual occasion to highlight the most important achievements and successes of the revolution, especially with regard to the people.

The revolution has inspired technological development and modernity, as well as self-sufficiency in the face of all the threats and sanctions imposed on Iran from the voices of evil in this world. The purpose of this revolution was to ensure justice, liberty and freedom for the Iranian people and to devise an original and distinguished system of Islamic governance, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, in which Islam has become a way of life.

The numbers and examples we are going to tackle are likely to provide a quick survey of the road of rapid development and success Iran has undertaken. The following figures provide a brief survey of the technological, social and industrial development taking place in Iran.

Iran is currently one of the most developed countries in the sectors of education and technology. Iran’s state-of-the-art weapons – from rockets to stealth aerospace technology and high-speed motor boats – fortify the country’s defense strategy in the face of prominent dangers.

But apart from these weapons, what has given Iran its status and power is its ability to stand against colonizing and authoritarian powers and to lead an axis of resilience and resistance in which Iran has embraced the causes of the oppressed in this world.

Concerning its nuclear program, which is meant for peaceful purposes, Iran has made major developments in acquiring nuclear energy and later making use of this energy for various peaceful purposes in the medical, healthcare, agricultural and industrial sectors, notably in creating electricity and desalination plans. All of this has been achieved using 100% Iranian manpower.

Iran is considered one of the top nine countries in terms of genetic technology and developed genetic research.

Iran is considered to be among the first in the world to discover treatments for spinal cord diseases, and to develop medication for the treatment of AIDS.

Iran’s recently built space center has made the Islamic Republic one of just 11 countries that have acquired advanced knowledge in this field. Next March an Iranian satellite is expected to be launched into orbit, again only using Iranian manpower and expertise.

The rate of literacy is 92. 7%

There are 15 mln Iranian students enrolled in all levels of education, including 1,231,662 female university students and 1,156,907 males.

There are 1,180,000 teachers in Iran.

59,784 students have joined post-graduate studies and doctoral programs.

By 2006, Iran had built 750 hospitals, 11,283 factories and 2,311 centers for the mentally and physically disabled. The industrial sector alone grew to account for 15% of the gross domestic product.

In 2006, Iran generated 193,270 mln kilowatt hours of electricity.

Iran has 33 mln land telephone lines and 23 mln mobile phones, ranking the country third in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of telephone penetration.

By 2007, 8,657 kilometers of main railways had been established and 1,739 kilometers of peripheral railways were created. Also, 15,000 kilometers of highway had been built.

Women play a very important role in Iran. The country has nine female MPs, a female vice-president and many women work as advisers for high-ranking officials in the Islamic Republic, demonstrating that Iranian women have played a crucial role in the success of the Islamic Revolution.

In 2006, 8,673 books written by women were published.

In 2006, there were 473 female Iranian filmmakers in the country.

In 2006, 2,336 Iranian female athletes took part in various sporting events inside and outside Iran.

These and many more to come show that resistance of the Iranian nation has yielded much fruit. Yet, this is just the beginning, the world should wait for the main part which will go on the stage in the near future.

With special thanks to Lebanon’s Daily Star.

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