British accused Putin of terrorism

43_1.jpgDavid King, who as the Government’s Chief Scientist played a key role in the investigation into Litvinenko’s murder, has accused the Russian president of masterminding the murder of nearly 300 of his own people in the Moscow apartment bombings in 1999, which Putin blamed on Chechen rebels.“I can tell you that Putin was responsible for the bombings,” Sir David claimed to Mandrake at the Morgan Stanley Great Britons Awards. “I’ve seen the evidence. There is no way that Putin would have won the election if it wasn’t for the bombings. Before them he was getting 10 per cent approval ratings. After, they shot up to 80 per cent.” 

Let us remind that  that version of the involvement of Vladimir Putin to explosions of residential buildings in Russia periodically give publicity by different people, who critically related to the acting president. One of its main propagandists was Alexander Litvinenko, who called his book: “Blowing up Russia: Terror from within” (the book banned to sell in Russia).


Interestingly, the public accusations of Putin in terrorism and mass murder is aired on the background of the Kremlin chief’s visit to Dagestan, to the location of one of the gangs, the “33rd Motor Rifle Brigade which is based in the mountains of Botlikh region of occupied Wilayah of Dagestan of the Caucasus Emirate.


Putin’s visit was a original farewell visit to the place where more than 8 years ago intense military actions had begun. It was at that time, after the dismissal Stepashin from the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the appointment Putin to that post, the buildings were blown up in Moscow and Volgodonsk. The explosions had stopped only after the terror cell of FSB was identified, that had been tried to blow up building in Ryazan.


Coming to power, Putin promised to restore occupation control over Ichkeria, by crushing armed forces of CRI.


After 8 years after that promise, instead of one struggling Ichkeria, the united state of Muslims of North Caucasus – the Caucasus Emirate appeared on the map of Caucasus.


Chechen Jihad crossed the border and became All-Caucasus one. That’s the main result of Putin’s government and his clique.

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