Ringleader of Chechen murtadin once more declared ‘complete victory’

46_1.jpgPhoto: Eliminated ringleader of Chechen murtadin Akhmad Kadyrov


The ringleader of Chechen murtadin (apostates) Kadyrov, in widely advertised Internet-conference once more declared that Mujahideen allegedly suffered “total defeat”. Kadyrov reiterated his thesis that “total of 50-60 militants” are remaining in Chechnya’s mountains.

He also once more claimed that “this winter” will be the last one for these “50-60 militants”.


Let us remind that the same claims had been said by Kadyrov two winters ago. And in last autumn has promised to finish off “militants” “before the onset of winter.”


Kadyrov also claimed that everyone who was behind his father Akhmad Kadyrov’s (known as an FSB agent with a nickname of “Adam”) elimination “were eliminated”. However sources in the Mujahideen command deny this claim of the murtad.


According to a high-ranked member of the Mukhabarat of the Caucasus Emirate, the special task force that eliminated Akhmad Kadyrov did not lose a single man and continues to carry out its fighting missions. One of such missions is arrest or physical elimination of Ramzan Kadyrov.


According to the member of the Mukhabarat, the hunt for Kadyrov is going on according to a plan, “and there are all reasons to hope that the task force will successfully carry out its mission, as it did with his traitor father”.


Meanwhile, western and Russian commentators are skeptical on Kadyrov’s statement, pointing out that the bravado of puppet regime is linked to the upcoming “elections” of Medvedev as a new ringleader of Kremlin and to the Putin’s assertion that “war in Chechnya is over “.


One of the Russian human rights activists, a member of the society “Memorial” Alexander Cherkasov, commenting on Kadyrov’s statement, said that despite the visible part of the “restoration of the Chechen capital” he is worried by “the spread of the conflict across the Caucasus”.


He confirmed that declaration of the Caucasus Emirate by Amir Dokka Umarov last autumn “has every reason to believe that.”


In his interview to BBC Cherkasov said that the “underground has spread across the Caucasus”.


“Urban warfare (urban guerilla war) is taking place in Ingushetia. In Chechnya, militants are operating in the mountains. Each event in settlements becomes the common property of the community. It is difficult to assess what happens in the mountains. In any case, the recent incident in Gekhi shows that there is someone to whom artillery is sill working. Chechnya is not a main newsmaker. In Ingushetia the things are noticeably grave. Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria provide material not less, or even more”, Cherkasov said.


Let us remind in this context that Amir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokka Umarov, in his recent statement in a meeting with several commanders of the Armed Forces of CE, pointed out that “today, Mujahideen forces and military structures are numerous, organized and efficient as never before.”  According Dokka Umarov, Mujahideen did not have such forces for last 5-6 years.


Let’s recall also that in the fall of 2006 Mujahideen command changed tactics of warfare in the territory of Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria), maximum lowering the activity in the large settlements and concentrating its efforts on the creation of military infrastructure in the mountains.


The result of this the new tactic is on the hand. For the first time in 8 years of war, practically all Mujahideen units with its full complement remained at their bases in the mountains for the winter period. They have not been redeployed to smaller groups for wintering to the settlements in plane areas, as it has done before.


Moreover, the military activity of Mujahideen in this winter exceeds all previous years. It is Mujahideen, not kuffar and murtadin own today initiative in the mountains.

Musa Stone,
Kavkaz Center

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