Iran, Azerbaijan Call For Stronger Defense Ties

A01128867.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar here on Monday held talks with his Azeri counterpart Safar Abiyev over expansion of defense cooperation.

Najjar said there are strong cultural and historic affinities between the two countries, asserting that expansion of relations with Azerbaijan is among Iran’s top priorities, Tehran Times reported.

“Whenever the cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan reaches its peak, some elements try to undermine our links by raising baseless issues and these actions should be prevented.”

The Iranian minister also warned of the great powers’ efforts to foment discord among the Middle Eastern states, urging the regional countries to remain vigilant in order to defuse the enemies’ plots.

“The enemy’s main strategy is to create conflict in the region, but regional countries should not allow these anti-security measures to be taken in the region.”

Iran is seeking to establish “good and strong” relations with all neighboring countries in line with its policy to maintain peace and security in the region, Najjar stated.

Abiyev, for his part, called for expansion of defense ties between Iran and Azerbaijan, expressing hope that closer cooperation between the two countries will improve the region’s security.

He vowed that Azerbaijan will not let any country use its soil for a military attack against the Islamic Republic.

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