Diplomats: ElBaradei’s report on Iran Positive

A029829211.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – IAEA chief and his deputies have entered a session to make a final decision about an impending report on Iran’s nuclear activities, informed diplomatic sources in the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Friday.

The sources who asked to remain anonymous due to the confidentiality of the issue, told FNA that Mohamed ElBaradei would present his report to the IAEA Board of Governors following the current meeting.

According to the IAEA procedures, the report which will be wrapped up within hours would be publicized once it is presented to the Governing Board members through the agency’s website.

The report will officially be presented to the Board of Governors in a session on March, 3 2008.

Sources also said that the US, Britain and Israel have exerted much pressure on the UN nuclear chief to force him to change his technical report which, according to the said diplomats, would endorse non-diversion of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

The diplomats also told FNA that ElBaradei’s report will benefit Iran and would undermine rationale for the two sets of UN Security Council sanctions imposed on Iran so far.

Sources said that ElBaradei will likely announce a full implementation of an action plan on the basis of which Iran was to provide convincing responses to the IAEA questions about its past nuclear activities, including sources of uranium spots on Iran’s nuclear machines, C1 and C2 centrifuges and four more ambiguities which existed about Iran’s activities and programs.

The UN nuclear watchdog agency chief will, thus, announce the end of IAEA’s four-year-long probe into Iran’s case, the diplomats said, adding, “ElBaradei will likely announce that according to the survey findings, Iran’s nuclear activities have been peaceful, and thus, the country’s case should be normalized.”

After four years of allegations by the US-led West about the non-peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities and after a long-time ploy by the western countries that the IAEA has not been able to wrap up a probe into the nature of Iran’s nuclear programs, the report to be presented by ElBaradei within hours seems to play a decisive role in annulling west’s claims about Iran’s nuclear drive.

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