Iran, Russia sign MOU to synchronize power grids

Energy cooperation between Tehran and Moscow entered a new state as the CIS Electric Power Council and Iran’s Ministry of Energy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) here Tuesday with the purpose of synchronizing electric systems.

Iran and Russia rank high among countries having huge oil and gas reserves in the world, Iran’s Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said. Fattah said time is ripe for the two sides to raise cooperation in producing electricity.

The minister announced the country’s preparedness for developing cooperation with other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in this regard.

The CIS Electric Power Council Director Anatoly Chubais on his trip to Iran expressed astonishment at the breakneck speed of the country’s power industry growth.

Chubais said Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to Iran last year opened a new horizon for energy cooperation and other areas between the two countries.

He added the power systems of Iran and Russia are technically very similar so that Iran’s power grid can benefit its neighbors like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

Iran enjoys a 10 percent annual growth in power generation sector and a 6.8 percent growth in energy consumption.

Chubais invited Fattah to partake in CIS electric conference which is to be held on May 23 in Moscow.

Fattah proposed the idea of building a joint dam between Iran and Russia. “In the first opportunity transfer electricity will be done between Iran and Russia.”

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