Nation’s missions, building model society, introducing Revolution – Ahmadinejad

607701-06-43.jpgIran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday night in a meeting with representatives of Leadership Experts Assembly, “Building a model society and introducing Islamic Revolution are our nation’s missions.”

According to IRNA’s Presidential Office reporter, Ahmadinejad added in his brief address, “The Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran are both great divine gifts, not only awarded to the Iranian nation, but to the entire mankind.”
The IRI President added, “Yet, we had better say that the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran were the greatest events of the contemporary history, since they marked the continuation of the path laid before the mankind by divine Prophets (P), next to the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (P) as messenger of Allah (SWT), and the martyrdom of the Prophet’s grandson Imam Hussain (P).”
He said, “Like those great events, the Islamic Revolution, too, was a long leap towards mankind’s reaching the peak of perfection.” The President added, “The Iranian nation, the practicing Alims, and the followers of the idea of leadership of the blessed (Wilayah) are shouldering the responsibility of keeping on hoisting the flag of a movement whose nature is the same as the revolutions of divine Prophets (P).

President Ahmadinejad reiterated, “The Iranian nation also has two heavy responsibilities, one of which is constructing Iran, since the message of a revolution would be heard and welcomed when it would be accompanied by practical models.

He added, “Such model making would lead to leading the mankind towards the peak of perfection, and assist the world nations in embracing eternal salvation in the Hereafter, by convincing them that Islam is capable of presenting an ideal model for social life.” The head of our country’s Supreme Cultural Revolution Council said, “Our culture and our administrative structure must be reshaped rapidly so that their basis would be the divine laws of Islam so that we would be able to claim that we have reached the status of a model society that can be the witness for the entire mankind.”
He added, “By grace of God such a movement began as of the victory of the Islamic Revolution despite the entire heavy obstacles and hindrances on its way, which have been removed one after the other, and the movement of the Islamic Revolution aimed at constructing a model society has kept on accelerating ever since then.”
Ahmadinejad reiterated, “Our nation’s second important mission is introducing the Islamic Revolution to the entire mankind. Today the mankind has reached a point of dissatisfaction with the status quo of the social life and is so desperately in pursuit of better lives that the nations’ minds are quite ripe for grasping such truths.” The President said, “Based on such presuppositions, the only perfect school of thought that can lead the human society towards blessed life in this world and salvation in the other world is Mohamedan Islam.”
He noted, “We need to elaborate the divine rules of this school of thought and present to the world nations a model of social life based on it, while atop those who shoulder this responsibility there are the Alims who gain the divine thoughts from the origin of divine revelations, or from the Prophet (P) and the Infallible Imams (P).” After the President’s address a number of Leadership Experts Assembly presented their viewpoints on various issues.

The prominent officials present at the meeting included the Speaker of the IRI Parliament, the Government spokesman, and a senior advisor of the President.

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