Larijani: IAEA report a crushing response to bullying powers

Iranian Supreme Leader’s representative to Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said on Tuesday that the recent report issued by IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program was regarded as a crushing response to the malignancy of bullying powers. By the grace of God and through resistance of Iranian nation and the government, Iran’s nuclear issue is now at its final stages which requires more patience and resistance, he added.

Given to propaganda campaign of the enemies of Islam and the Islamic Revolution, he said such hue and cries created by humiliated politicians are resulted from resistance of the great nation.

ElBaradei’s report put an end to the “nagging” by the super powers, he said, adding that in fact the report disarmed the enemies in the international scene.

Addressing the Group 5+1, Larijani said, “We advise you to think and back to the negotiation table which would benefit you. If you assume you can compel our nation to give up its righteous course of action through posing threats or imposing unleashing sanctions, you are making a big mistake.”
Some western analysts have advised the big powers that the best time for issuing an anti-Iran resolution is before the country’s parliamentary elections, he said.

These comments put much burden on the shoulders of our committed nation to vigilantly take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections and to disappoint the enemies, Larijani said.

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