Rafsanjani stresses importance of unity

607701-06-431.jpgChairman of Experts Assembly Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Sunday underscored the need for safeguarding the national solidarity.
Addressing a session of 4th term of the Experts Assembly, he said that national solidarity helps neutralize conspiracy of the Western governments.

As to the upcoming Majlis elections, Rafsanjani urged the Iranian nation to be vigilant enough not to be trapped by the enemies conspiracies.

Rafsanjani called for mass participation of the people in the upcoming elections saying that the Iranian nation would stand against the enemies conspiracies.

He thanked the Guardian Council for approving the competency of a group of hopefuls who had been rejected at the earlier stage.

Guardian Council’s spokesman, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaie, said on Saturday that competency of 70 percent of the hopefuls has been confirmed by the body.

He told reporters that out of the total 7,597 candidates registered for the upcoming Majlis elections, the competency of over 4,500 hopefuls were approved by the Guardian Council.

The 8th Majlis election and the by-election for the Experts Assembly in the constituencies of Tehran, Qazvin, Ilam and East Azarbaijan provinces will be held concurrently on March 14.

Referring to IAEA report on February 22 saying that the agency was “able to verify non-diversion of Iranian nuclear program”, Ayatollah Rafsanjani said the country is indebted to great efforts of the Iranian young scientists.

He added that Iran will proceed with progress in the field of science and technology.

Warning against the US conspiracies aimed at exerting pressures on Iran, Ayatollah Rafsanjani called for vigilance of the Iranian nation.

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