Indonesia Against Anti-Iran Resolution

TEHRAN (FNA) – Indonesia has opposed a third resolution imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, a day after Libya, another non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, expressed its opposition to the measure.

Indonesia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Marty Natalegawa told Alalam Tuesday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the only competent authority responsible for monitoring countries’ nuclear activities.

“We respect the agency and trust it so as to let the nuclear watchdog carry out the task of monitoring nuclear activities of the world countries,” he added.

The Indonesian envoy criticized a new draft resolution on levying sanctions on Iran, saying “the draft overlooked the IAEA report which concluded that Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful and transparent.”

“The UNSC should set the IAEA report as the basis of its work,” he added.

Natalegawa noted that his country has not yet agreed with the new sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Unfortunately some western countries are trying to cast shadow on those parts of the report which indicate Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful, diplomats quoted ElBaradei as saying.

Libya’s envoy to the UNSC also announced on Tuesday that his country does not support the draft resolution proposed by France and the UK over Iran’s nuclear program.

Jadallah al-Talhi of Libya, who is now the UN Security Council Chairman, said his country is against any anti-Iran resolution aimed at toughening sanctions against the country.

He said Libya opposes any such resolution with regards to recent progress in Iran’s nuclear cooperation with the IAEA and a recent report by the atomic agency on Iran.

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