Murtadin ringleader again showed faithfulness to the murderers of Chechen people

41_11.jpgAccording to sources in the Wilayah of Nokhchicho (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate, the head of murtadin Kadyrov announced the renaming of one of the streets of occupied Jokhar, in honor of Russian kuffar the murderers of the Chechen people – “84 Pskov Paratroopers Street”. Let us remind that in late February of 2000, near the village of Ulus-Kert, 75 exhausted by 2 week long winter march Mujahideen stormed the height at which the selected and heavily armed gangs of Russian Special forces were fortified its positions. During the storming operations almost all Russian kuffar had been eliminated. From the Chechen side 25 Mujahideen were became Shaheeds (inshaAllah).


The occupiers have created a legend of the “Russian heroes, who suppressed the storming of 2 thousand militants”, “1.5 thousand of whom were destroyed” (according other data “500 militants were destroyed”).


Interestingly, not a single “mass graves” have been shown by Russian propagandists far.  Where Mujahideen brought its 1.5 thousand comrades (or 500) Russian kuffar do not explain.


Meanwhile, the announcement of renaming the street in honor of the murderers of Chechen people caused outrage among residents of Ichkeria. Special indignation aroused by the fact that renaming dedicated to February 23, the date of the massacre of the Chechen people – the deportation of the Ingush and Chechens to Siberia and Central Asia.


According to local human rights activists, people say that Kadyrov and his gang “has publicly spit upon the soul of Chechen people”.

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