Criticism of Iran’s N. Program Hypocritical

A0087080.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Criticisms of Iran’s uranium enrichment program seem hypocritical as Iran is doing exactly what several private companies are doing in the US. Nuclear power has long been a controversial issue, usually because of safety concerns.

But the effort to generate more nuclear power in the United States has spawned a foreign policy debate.

General Electric and USEC Inc., as well as two European companies, are working to provide enriched uranium for use in nuclear power plants, a commentary by union-bulletin said.

Ironically, the US government is critical of Iran’s effort to provide radioactive fuel for power generation. The US fears Iran will use the material to create nuclear weapons. After all, the US government contends, Iran doesn’t need nuclear power because it has access to plenty of oil and natural gas.

The US position comes off as hypocritical – “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Iranian officials contend they should be able to pursue nuclear energy as a way to combat greenhouse gas emissions and find opportunity to gain more income through increased oil and gas exports.

If the US alleges that Iran is pursuing a weapons program, it should make sure it has clear proof of weapons production and then seek to thwart the effort through diplomacy. This should certainly be one of the first approaches taken.

That’s far more effective than simply scolding Iran for using the exact same nuclear technology that is being used in the US by American as well as foreign companies.

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