US refuses to attend talks on Iraq security

519210-49-02_n2.jpgThe US announced on Thursday that was not well-prepared to attend trilateral talks on Iraq’s security. Prior to the visit of the Iranian president to Baghdad, the US had voiced readiness to attend triliteral talks on Iraq’s security but after the Iranian delegation voiced readiness to take part in the meeting, they announced that they were not ready at this juncture.

Iran had prepared a plan to help restore security to the war shattered country but the plant could not be offered for
discussion due to the US refusal to participate in the meeting.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has declared for many times that it will spare no efforts to help restore security to Iraq.

Political analysts believe that after the recent visit of the Iranian president to Baghdad and the warm welcome accorded to him by the Iraqi people, the US became totally confused about these developments and was unable to make any decision in this regard.

Readiness of the Iranian delegation to take part in the meeting once again proved the falsehood of US allegations about Iran’s role in the country’s insecurity.

The US administration has failed to give a suitable answer to its public opinion about its false accusations against Iran which has so far played a positive and constructive role in Iraq.


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