Iranian Archeologists Find Inshoshinak Temple

A01712773.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Archeologists excavating the historical Telespid mound in Iran’s Central Fars Province say there may be a buried Elamite temple at the site.

The Iranian-Australian archeology team excavating the area believe the temple belongs to Inshoshinak, one of the three major Elamite divinities, a press tv report said.

The Achaemenid and post-Achaemenid relics unearthed along with an Elamite terrace, have given the archeology team reason to believe further Telespid excavations will lead to the discovery of a temple.

Inshoshinak, the ‘Lord of Susa’ was a compassionate god, widely known as the ‘Father of the Weak,’ who judged the dead. The Choqazanbil Ziggurat in Susa was also built in his name and dedicated to him.

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