Iran: Religious Minorities Play their Part in Democracy

A03860312.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Religious minorities in various cities and towns of Iran’s central province of Kerman cast their votes to elect their representatives for the 8th parliament elections on Friday.

The religious minorities, along with people from all walks of life, attended the voting stations on Friday, an IRNA report said.

There are some one hundred Jews living in Kerman Province, known as “Southern Jews” and over 800 Zoroastrians, and each group is entitled to have one representative at the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

A Zoroastrian citizen residing in Kerman City told IRNA, “We Zoroastrians participate at every Majlis (parliament) elections along with our other Iranian fellow citizens.”

Minoo Mehrabani added, “The representative of Zoroastrians at the Majlis can defend our rights and reflect our viewpoints, which are the reasons why we have come to the polls today.”

She added, “We Zoroastrians elect one representative out of three hopeful candidates for the post.”

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