Fierce gun battle takes place in Urus-Martan district

55_1.jpgKavkaz Center’s source from Wilayah of Nokhchicho (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate reported about an ambush of a group of murtadin and kuffar made by a mobile team of near the village of Olhazar-Kotar (Alhazurovo) on 13 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1429 (20 March 2008). According to the source, during the successful ambush actions 4 Chechen murtadin (apostates)  and at least 6 Russian kuffar (infidels) have been eliminated. About 7 to 10 kuffar and murtadin have been injured. It is reported that during the operation was a few murtadin have been taken prison. The exact number of prisoners has not yet been clarified.


According to reports Mujahideen ambushed enemy by using grenade launchers and machine guns. During the indiscriminate shooting murtadin and kuffar have killed and wounded several civilians.


Meanwhile, the occupation sources also reported about gunbattle near the village of Olhazar-Kotar. In their version, detachment of murtadin and kuffar came across the base of the Mujahideen with up to 15 fighters. During the fight 3 Mujahideen were reportedly killed. At the same time occupiers claimed that 4 their soldiers were killed and 6 others were wounded as a result of the battle.


It is also claimed that the Mujahideen have allegedly fired on civilian vehicles and killed 1 local resident.


However, the sources of Kavkaz Center refute those allegations, telling that murtadin and kuffar fired at civilians, taking them for the Mujahideen. The precise data on number of killed civilians is unknown. According to some information one civilian was killed, according to other data 3 residents of Urus-Martan district were killed.

Kavkaz Center

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