Chris de Burgh Determined to Perform in Iran

A01175378.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Celebrated Irish musician and singer Chris De Burgh says media misinformation will not change his opinion about performing in Iran.

Speaking exclusively to the Record, pop legend Chris de Burgh confirmed that he would have an open-air concert with popular Iranian band Arian in Tehran this summer, press tv reported.

Chris then responded to critics who believe he should not play in Iran and said, “I don’t believe virtually anything we read [on Iran] because we are on the receiving end of a lot of propaganda.”

“The only way you get the truth is by talking to people in Iran and finding out what goes on,” he explained.

“About 12 years ago, we became aware that I was very popular in Iran and we tried to figure out how to get there because I like playing new places,” he continued. “I’m visiting Iran to make people a little happier.”

The Irish singer, 52, is a UN ambassador for promoting food campaign initiatives against malnutrition and had earlier collaborated with Arian to sing A Melody for Peace.

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