2 kuffar from a death squad eliminated, 2 wounded in Khasavyurt district

Near Bammatbek-Yurt village in Khasavyurt district of Wilayah Dagestan, 16 Rabi‘al-Awwal 1429 (24.03.2008) in the evening, Mujahideen from a special operational group (SOG) assigned to the Northern Front of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate (commander Amir Daud) carried out a successful operation aimed at eliminating kafir police officers working in a unit known as “RUBOP” (regional organized crime dept.).At least two “RUBOP” elements were killed, two seriously wounded as a result of special operation. According to source among the killed kuffar is an infamous leader of one of the death squads, known as “Said”. Murders of many Mujahideen prisoners were on his conscience, whom he tortured to death by particularly sadistic methods, for which he was prompted from kuffar.

Kavkaz Center

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