3 kafir police eliminated in Khasavyurt operation

In Khasavyurt town in the same district of Wilayah Dagestan of CE, 26 Rabi’al-Awwal 1429 (01.04.2008) late in the evening, Mujahideen from the Northern Front (under command of amir Dawud) carried out a successful special operation against local kafir police. The Mujahideen attacked three cars carrying the infidels, detonating an explosive device on an UAZ and attacking with gunfire another UAZ and a VAZ-2107. The kafir police were returning from an unsuccessful attempt to capture Mujahideen.


According to the representative of the headquarters of Northern Front of AF of CE, as a result of the operation, an unknown number of the infidels were killed and wounded. The kafir media claimed that nobody was hurt after the UAZ bombing.


According to eyewitness reports, two dead police were seen inside or near the VAZ riddled with bullets, the third killed infidel was lying near the UAZ damaged by the explosion.

Kavkaz Center

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