The outgoing boss of White House calls NATO forces for the battle with Al-Qaeda

22_1.jpgGeorge Bush, the US president, has called for Nato members to step up troop contributions in Afghanistan, citing Osama bin Laden’s latest threats to Europe. He says that if the alliance does not stay on the offensive in Afghanistan, Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters will use it to launch more attacks on the West like those on September 11, 2001.


This appeal was in a speech in which he also called on NATO to initiate procedures for admission Ukraine and Georgia to the North Atlantic Alliance.


Meanwhile, Western media indicate in recent days that deliberate attacks occur on occupation troops from Netherlands in Afghanistan. Taliban, in a way, has responded to the regular anti-Islamic lampoon, posted on the Internet by Dutch islamophob Weelders.


Western media with the reference to the statement by commander of army of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban military council have announced purposeful reprisal operations against the Dutch occupation forces, with the fact that “one of the members of Dutch parliament released a film, insulting Islam, and aired it with bad intentions”.

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