Iran deplores civilian deaths in Basra, Sadr City

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mohammad-Ali Hosseini, on Tuesday deplored civilian losses in Iraq, condemning US forces for indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas in Sadr City and Basra.

On Iran’s stand regarding the recent invasion on residential areas in different parts of Iraq, he said Tehran also strongly condemns attack on Baghdad Green Zone where the diplomatic missions and state organizations are situated.

Lauding rightful measures taken by the Iraqi government to counter illegal armed groups, he said the move is aimed at establishment of security and stability in the country.

Hosseini expressed the hope that security and tranquility would be restored in the war-torn Iraq.

He called for Iraqi political parties to exercise self-restraint and vigilance not to fall into trap of the lawless militias.

He also urged the occupying forces to leave all affairs to legal Iraqi institutions and government.

More than 30 civilians have been killed and houses levelled into rubble in Sadr City when the US helicopters and tanks hit residential areas indiscriminately on Sunday in an operation they said to crack down on militias.

Inhabitants of Sadr City have taken refuge in mosques.

IRNA reporter in Baghdad said that the number of those maimed in the US operation on Sunday has exceeded 50.

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