British Archeologists Excavating Iran’s Sialk

A04142302.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- British archeologists are excavating Iran’s Sialk Mound in a bid to find the origins of agricultural societies during the Neolithic Period.

The study being conducted by UK’s Durham University, also aims to uncover the mysteries of planting methods used in the Neolithic Sialk and the systematic relations between the mound and its surrounding sites.

Although Neolithic people lived individually and in small communities, Sialk boasted a large and complicated society that created impressive artworks including pottery, said Professor Robin Coningham, director of the team and head of Durham University’s archeology department, according to a press tv report.

Plant fibers that we discover will be taken to the UK for carbon 14 radioactive dating, he added.

Archeologists from Iran, Germany, Britain, Italy and France have been studying the northern mound of Sialk since last week.

The Sialk Mound, located in the city of Kashan, is believed to be the origin of human technology, industry and religious thought.

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