Iran Urges UNSC to Approach Realities

A04142309.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran recommended foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany to avoid following wrong strategies on Iran’s nuclear program.

“These countries need to know that Iranians will not ignore their certain rights for using civilian nuclear technology,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

“Iran is ready to resume talks with Europe on its nuclear issue,” the Iranian official said, adding Iran considers the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as the only authority which has the right to examine Tehran’s nuclear dossier.

The United Nation Security Council has already imposed three sets of sanctions against Iran; the last one was passed few months ago.

The first two resolutions banned Iranian official involved in the country’s nuclear program from travelling abroad and froze their assets.

The last one has targeted individuals, companies and equipment which could be used in the country’s nuclear program.

Many Iranian senior officials including the president, the foreign minister and the parliament speaker have heavily condemned the resolutions.

Asked about a package of incentives offered by the Group 5+1 – the five permanent UN Security Council members (Russia, China, the US, France and Britain) plus Germany – to encourage Iran to give up its nuclear rights, Hosseini said Iran declines to accept any incentive plan violating or limiting the nation’s rights.

The foreign ministry spokesman also said the head of Iran’s nuclear energy organization Gholam Reza Aghazadeh will trip to Vienna to carry on talks with the IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei.

Aghazadeh along with his deputy Mohammad Saeedi is to go to Vienna on Monday to settle remaining issues on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Regarding Iraq, Hosseini said the US previous policies in Iraq will fail to prove effective and that Washington cannot find a solution for Iraq’s issue through putting blames on other countries.

“Iran which has always declared it would support a secure and safe Iraq is one of the countries which has made every effort to restore order to the country,” Hosseini said.

Concerning exchange of views between Iran and Saudi Arabia on Lebanon issue, the foreign ministry spokesman said Iran hopes that talks aimed at helping different Lebanese parties reach an agreement would continue.

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