Yamadayev calls Kadyrov a liar

28_1.jpgA ringleader of “Vostok” (East) gang Sulim Yamadayev has came out with his first comment on events in the occupied by Russian invaders Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate, a standoff between the Yamadayev and Kadyrov gangs.In his statement on “Echo of Moscow” radio, he said that Kadyrov hides the truth about the events in the Wilayah, in particular, the continued fighting and killings.


“Almost every day people are being killed in Chechnya. Ramzan is obviously just lying on TV “, Yamadayev said.


The pro-Russian puppet said the “amnestied militants” operating in the gangs of “Interior Ministry” could at any moment return to the mountains and fight against Russia. However, Yamadayev gave an indistinct argument:


“75% of amnestied who work in police forces are Shaytans (a term of murtadin for Mujahideen), it is not a secret to anyone. If their power rise a little in Russia, they will just stand on their side”, Yamadayev explained with confusion.


He said that “now all local media afraid of Kadyrov.” Replying to a question about the possibility of setting up a so-called “independent” television channel, which can tell what is happening in Chechnya, Yamadayev noted that “this will require permission from Kadyrov, who won’t give it.”


“I am not under Kadyrov’s command, I am under command of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, at the moment it is Putin” Yamadayev said.


He expressed confidence that “the truth sooner or later will reveal”.


“I am a military man, if I get an order, I would fulfill it, with no problems”, Yamadayev added.


Meanwhile, Kavkaz Center’s source report that Yamadayevans’ older brother Khalid has returned to Chechnya, who immediately went to Russian main base in Chechnya Khankala and met with the command of occupation forces. After the meeting, a part of occupation forces the so-called  “42nd division” has been deployed to bases of “Vostok” gang in order to strengthen Yamadayevans’ positions, as well as for the protection of houses, where Yamadayevans live.


Kavkaz Center’s source indicates that the return of Khalid Yamadayev to Chechnya indirectly shows that the rebellion brothers have received support from certain forces in Moscow. In addition, Sulim Yamadayev’s statement on the radio of “Echo of Moscow” after 6 days of silence, also points to a certain confidence in the behavior of Yamadayevans in the last 2 days.


Moreover, last Friday one of the Yamadayev brothers Isa celebrated his birthday. Kavkaz Center’s source reported that about 200 guests had gathered in the house of Isa Yamadayev, who demonstratively organized a “Sinkeram” (traditional and national Chechen festival), with gunfire into the air.


It was also reported that Badrudi Yamadayev (nicknamed “Badik”), whom Kadyrov’s gangs officially searching, was in Gudermes, at the birthday festival of his brother Isa.

Kavkaz Center

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