Murtadin expect Mujahideen attacks

Occupation sources in Wilayah Dagestan of the Caucasus Emirate report that the ringleader of a gang named “Interior Ministry of Dagestan” A. Magomedtagirov has said that the intelligence got information on possible attacks of Mujahideen in several cities: Shamilkala (former Makhachkala), Khasavyurt, Kizilyurt, Kizlyar, TemirHanShura (formerly Buinaksk), Kaspiysk, and Derbent.  

According to ringleader of murtadin Mujahideen will allegedly use “holydays of May” for their attacks.

Let’s mention in this regard that the Command of Dagestan Front of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate had given any information on their military plans, to be held in connection with the May “holidays” of kuffar.

Kavkaz Center

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