Chechen murtadin, Russian kuffar deployed to Abkhazia

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The Georgian side has requested UN help to establish the number of additional military units that were entered and positioned on Georgian territory. This was said by Temur Yakobashvili, the Georgian state miniser on re-integration.

Speaking about the territory of Georgia, Yakobashvili meant Abkhazia, which is now under control of Moscow.


“We are, in a writing form appealing to UN and to ambassadors of countries-friends, whom we ask to help us to establish exactly how many, where, how, in what form and who entered and positioned on Georgian territory”, Temur Yakobashvili said.


Commenting the deployment of additional troops by Russian side without the consent of the Georgian side, Georgian state minister said that according to Tbilisi, Russian kuffar and Chechen murtadin from Khankala base, the Russian main base in Chechnya, have been sent to Galsk district of the country.


The exact number of troops is unknown. The Russian side claimed 2 thousand of soldiers have been deployed to the region. Some Georgian commentators have stated that up to 6 thousand troops have been sent. According to Temur Yakobashvili 700 invaders have been sent to Abkhazia from Khankala base.


Meanwhile, the Abkhazians claim that the number of Russian troops in increased 1.5 times.


On 30 April around 16:00 local time, armored convoy of Russian troops passed through the central street of Sukhumi.


Let us remind in this regard that earlier Russian and Georgian media had reported about the gang of Chechen murtadin “Zapad” (ringleader Kakiyev) in Abkhazia. The same had repeatedly been stated by gang’s ringleader himself.  It is also known that Russian kuffar and Chechen murtadin at least twice engaged in armed conflict, killing and wounding several people on both sides.


Meanwhile, Georgian Foreign Ministry called the increasing of military contingent in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict as an “act of aggression against Georgia”. This was stated by the Acting Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze.


Let’s recall that Moscow previously stated that it sending additional troops to Abkhazia, explaining their actions as a “need to ensure security in the zone of conflict”.


“The Russian Federation has committed a dangerous step, it is actually an act of aggression against Georgia”, Vashadze said.


“The sending of armed units, which have the peacekeeping status, to the Georgian territory must be coordinated with the Georgian side. Moscow did not do that,” Georgian Acting Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze was quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency as saying in a press briefing.


“The military contingent in Abkhazia is the main factor of destabilization, and an increase of the contingent increases the risk of destabilization”, considers the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia also sent a letter to the secretariat of the CIS with an inquire about the number of Russian troops, types of weapons, on which part of the territory they are going to stay, the identification number and about the map, where will the location of troops be shown.


Grigol Vashadze handed another note of protest to Russia Ambassador in Georgia Vyacheslav Kovalenko in connection with the increase of Russian troops in the zone of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.


Meanwhile, in the opinion of leader of “Christian-Democratic Movement of Georgia” Giorgi Targamadze, a likelihood of large-scale aggression in this region by the Russian side has increased the tension in Abkhazia.


“The likelihood of large-scale aggression has increased. Now a war of nerves is going on, exactly war, not a game, since situation is complicated and we are on the brink of serious conflict. We were seriously criticized the current authorities in relation to conflict regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, because they had not carried out a consistent policy and lost a lot of time in vain,” Giorgi Targamadze believes.


Targamadze has expressed hope that with departure of Putin from Kremlin Russian policy will change.


“In coming days a transfer of administration of the country from one president to another will took place in Russia. On the one hand, this is accompanied by certain risks, on the other hand, it gives a chance for new hope to settle the Georgian-Russian relations”, Targamadze summed up.


Nino Burjanadze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament also stated the need for change of Moscow’s policy stated.  According to her, for the normalization of Georgian-Russian relations, Russia must change its policy towards Georgia.


“Russia must stop aggressive actions that were in past done orally and now being done in practice,” Nino Burjanadze told reporters on Thursday.


She pointed out that the Russian side has not coordinated with Tbilisi issue of increasing military contingent in Abkhazia. “We are categorically state that there was no any agreement given by the leadership of Georgia,” speaker of the Parliament stressed.


Burjanadze did not exclude the possibility of contacts by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili with the Russian government in June during the informal CIS summit that, in its view, could change the situation in the relations between the two countries.


In doing so, she noted “a very difficult background”. “I would like to hope that before this meeting, background will soften a little and Russia will return to the framework in which the state must act if it wants to have normal civilized relations with neighboring State,” Nino Burjanadze said.

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