Mujahideen continue to attack the enemy

13_1.jpgDespite the total information blockade, in which the occupied Ichkeria lives, news reports unpleasant for Moscow from time to time nevertheless leak to the media that in “pacified Chechnya”, on the eve of departure of Putin from Kremlin, the war is still goes on.On Monday morning it became known that as a result of successful operation by Mujahideen, up to 10 murtadin (apostates) were killed and injured last night in the city of Jokhar.


In Maskhadov (former Staropromyslovsky) district of Jokhar Mujahideen blew up an armed gang of puppets.


The occupation forces have admitted that murtadin had been blown up when they were patrolling the settlement of Tashkala. Radio-controlled explosive device went off at the time of travel of puppet gang. Two of wounded Kadyrovans are in serious condition and other three are shell-shocked. One UAZ army jeep was completely destroyed.


Interestingly, initially kuffar (infidels) reported exactly such number of causality, but only a few hours later this information has been adjusted as usual. In outcome “recognition” invaders announced that killed 4 murtadin were killed and 1 was wounded.


A few hours before the explosion in Jokhar, other sabotage group of Mujahideen attacked kuffar car convoy near the Russian main base in Wilayah Ichkeria Khankala. The occupation command claimed that 1 invaders was killed and 2 UAZ jeeps were damaged in the attack. Other details were not given.


Kuffar have to admit that with the onset of spring Mujahideen have significantly stepped up combat operations and increased sabotage strikes. The occupation forces have reported that in anticipation of attacks by Mujahideen in the city of Jokhar and in other towns of Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate additional troops were brought in and additional armed patrols were brought out to the streets.


Meanwhile, combat actions and clashes also occur in the foothill and mountain areas. Invaders are forces to report on some of them. On the other news they are stubbornly silent.


Thus, a gun battle between the unit of Mujahideen and the united gang of Chechen murtadin and Russian kuffar occurred in the morning of 26 Rabi’ Al-Akhar 1429 (2 May 2008). The source reported that the battle lasted several hours. This was told by local residents who heard the cannonade of the battle and saw military helicopters evacuated the dead and wounded.


It was also reported that Chechen Mujahideen ambushed the kuffar and Kadyrov’s murtadin, who planned to conduct a large-scale “sweep operation” in the woodland, where the invaders claimed the Chechen Mujahideen unit was deployed.


According to updated reports, 6 murtadin and 2 Russian kuffar were killed in the battle. 2 more murtadin and 1 kafir (infidel) were wounded.


The report also accurately stressed that at least 2 murtadin from the village of Roshni-Chu and 1 murtad from Urus-Martan were among those killed in the battle. No casualties among the Chechen Mujahideen have been reported.


Nothing was reported about the battle by the Russian side or the local puppets. The only statement that was made was about the “shootout” during which 1 murtad and 1 Russian kafir were killed. At the same time there are discrepancies present in the reports released by the Russian side, as usual. Some reports claim that only 1 murtad was allegedly killed and 1 Russian kafir wounded. Other reports claim that 3 murtadin and kuffar were wounded.


It should also be reminded that a large-scale combat operation was carried out two weeks ago, on 14 Rabi’ Al-Akhar 1429 (April 20, 2008), in Urus-Martan and Achkhoi-Martan districts, during which units of Southwestern Front of Chechen Armed Forces (under the command of Amir Tarkhan) “cleansed” several towns and villages from Kadyrov’s murtadin: Bamut, Yandi-Kotar, Ashkhoi-Kotar, Gekhi-Chu and a number of other villages; 23 Kadyrov’s murtadin were eliminated.


Russian kuffar and local murtadin never reported about the raid that Chechen Mujahideen had conducted. They only stated that “early morning of April 21 two armed men in camouflage uniforms set the building of the village council on fire in Bamut; and in Shalazhi three unidentified men in masks kidnapped the local policeman”.


The growing intensity of the fighting in Chechnya clearly irritated kuffar, who express dissatisfaction by the ringleader of Chechen murtadin Kadyrov.


According to Kavkaz Center’s source on April 30 during a meeting of Kadyrov with occupation command, a squabble occurred between him and Russian generals. Kuffar accused Kadyrov of lies and inability to cope with the Mujahideen. They reminded him that Kadyrov promised to finish off Mujahideen until February 1. In addition, the generals said that they have tired of constant lies of Kadyrov.


In turn, Kadyrov accused the generals that the Russian occupation forces do not provide adequate assistance and his gangs, saying, are “forced to fight alone” with the Mujahideen.


The source said that after the squabble the parties disgruntled disagreed with each other.

Kavkaz Center

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