Americans satisfied with parade in Moscow: Nothing new, the same old stuff

42_1.jpgThe parade, organized by the Kremlin in Moscow, did not make an impression as expected on foreign observers, – many Western media write in their comments on the theatrical event in the Russian capital on May 9 (Victory Day), which was broadcast live on Russian television channels.Although, there was one novelty shown to the foreigners – new Russian military uniforms, designed by fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.


Moreover, Western commentators have noted the excellent choreography in the marching of Kremlin’s courtier divisions. The total outcome of comments is unanimous – Russia did not reveal anything that would scare the likely adversary. Except maybe for Georgia, which with dismay may have been watching Topol (“Poplar”) missiles and heavy tanks.


Most of the weaponry, including missiles, was developed back in the Soviet era, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. For example, SU-24 fighter jets have been in the Russian arsenal for over 30 years. Strategic bombers TU-160 were adopted as far back as in 1981. Concerning the new SU-34 fighter, it was manufactured in the Soviet Union 20 years ago, then put into production just not too long ago, but most of these aircraft are being exported. Only a few of these warplanes belong to the Russian army’s arsenal.


As some Western publications indicated in connection with the parade in Moscow, US have been unable to conceal its satisfaction. “If they wish to take out their old equipment and take it for a spin and check it out,” said the Pentagon spokesman, Geoff Morrell, “they’re more than welcome to do so.”

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