Period of diarchy begins in Russia

35_1.jpgWestern press has been vividly commenting on the assumption of the office by Putin’s successor Dmitry Medvedev. Virtually all publications have come to one – Russia is now entering a period of diarchy.“After the inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev a period of uncertainty begins in Russia”, German Der Spiegel writes and notes that “the leaders of Western countries will monitor with interest after the further developments in the country. Moreover, a struggle for power will begin within the country, which will inevitably lead to the formation of a new political landscape”.

In turn The Times points out that even at his inauguration Mr Medvedev, will be unable to escape the shadow of his predecessor, Vladimir Putin. The Times reminds that Medvedev’s first act as President will be to appoint his patron in a job-swap, that actually means the beginning of diarchy in Russia.

“Experts argue that Mr Medvedev will assume all the powers of the head of state as soon as he is sworn into the office. They predict that he will gradually establish his independence”, the The Times concludes.
“Russian president Mededev will find the parade of Victory Day uncomfortable”, The Financial Times writes and points out that “unlike the macho Putin, Medvedev is not accustomed to large-scale presentations and demonstrations of force.  According to some experts, Medvedev may not fit into the format of the parade”.

The periodical also reminds that some commentators in Russia believe that Putin will remain a peculiar “Secretary General” of the country, deprived of power in foreign policy and over the army.

Meanwhile, according to most commentators, all decisions in the country will be taken as a result of consultations between Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, which will ultimately establish two centers of power.

Some experts nevertheless believe that Medvedev could soon spiral out of Putin’s control.

Then the inflation in the country, for which Medvedev may hold Putin’s government responsible, will become the trump card in the battle, whichi will predetermine the battle’s outcome.

“Russia is controlled by the whim of individuals”, under such headline the newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” published a satirical article written by Anne Applebaum, well-known publicist from The Washington Post.

On the eve of transferring the power in Russia to a new president, the journalist stresses the fact that it is not yet known whether Medvedev will have presidential powers, or be only an obedient puppet in the hands of his predecessor Vladimir Putin.

“We do not know why exactly Dmitry Medvedev was elected by the Kremlin, says Applebaum.  – The mystery remains, however, what would be his credentials and how long he will live in his post. If in the future the West would have to negotiate with him, then we will have no confidence, whether we speak with the real head of Russia or with a minor official”, Ann Appelbaum believes.

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