Afghan Envoy Thanks Iran’s Aids

A00863916.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Afghanistan’s envoy to Tehran thanked Iran for the interest it has shown in helping restore peace and security to his country.

“Iran has been very helpful in rebuilding Afghanistan and establishing security in the country,” press tv quoted Mohammad Yahya Maroufi as saying.

The diplomat also called for greater cooperation between the two Muslim neighbors.

“Iran and Afghanistan must continue and enhance their cooperation to overcome problems such as terrorism and drug trafficking, which have caused both nations great suffering,” he added.

Maroufi also said that a special police force, organized by the Afghan government for combating narcotics, was cooperating with the Iranian law enforcement forces along the two countries’ common border.

Tehran and Kabul have also launched a project to reconstruct important frontier regions on both sides, added the Afghan ambassador.

Maroufi said in conclusion that the regional states face many challenges, which must be overcome through collective understanding and cooperation.

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