Mujahideen inflict sabotage strikes on kuffar and murtadin

49_1.jpgA source inside the command of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate has reported that on 6 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1429 (11 May 2008), sabotage squad of Mujahideen of one of the units under command Amir Muslim ambushed kuffar forces in the district of village Eshelhatoi of the Vedeno district of Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria). As a result of sabotage operation a BTR armored personnel carried was destroyed and 2 kuffar (invaders) were eliminated, many kuffar were wounded.On 7 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1429 (12 May 2008), sabotage unit of Mujahideen of Kurchalou sector of Eastern Front of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate (commander Amir Zaurbek), attacked a squad of murtadin in the district of Nikihat village. As a result of this attack 4 murtadin were eliminated and 4 Mujahideen were wounded.


Meanwhile, on the night of 9 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1429 (14 May 2008) sabotage unit of Mujahideen bombarded the checkpoint of kuffar Yandarbiyev (formerly Oktyabrskiy) district of Jokhar city. Several shells from rifle grenades were fired on the checkpoint. The precise data on losses among the kuffar is unknown. Other details were not reported.

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