Combat operations of Mujahideen in Shatoi and Urus-Martan districts

Occupation sources admit that on the night of 13 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1429 (18 May 2008), mobile unit of Mujahideen attacked a base of murtadin gang of “Internal Affairs Directorate” in the settlement of Dai, Shatoi district of Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria/Chechnya) of the Caucasus Emirate. Russian kuffar (infidels/invaders) with reference to local puppets claimed that as a result of attacks only one murtad was allegedly injured. Other details have not been reported.Meanwhile, a fierce gun battle was took place between a group of kuffar and the Mujahideen on Saturday in Urus-Martan district of Ichkeria. According to occupation sources, Mujahideen attacked a gang of Russian so-called “Spetsnaz” (Special Forces) in woodlands near the village of Tangi-Chu.


The occupation forces have stated that commander of “Spetsnaz” unit, his deputy and one of the mercenaries were severely wounded as a result of gun battle.


Invaders did not report any other details. There is not any information regarding Mujahideen casualties.

Kavkaz Center

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