Russia accuses Georgia of provocation

61_1.jpgThe Georgian side accuses Russia in an attempt to compromise Georgia and artificial escalation of tensions in conflict regions. Georgian Foreign Minister Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili stated about this on 21 May, commenting on remarks of Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs on the concentration of troops on the administrative border of conflict regions.Text of statement by the Minister published on the site of Georgian Foreign Ministry.


“Against the backdrop of provocative actions and aggressive rhetoric, exacerbated in the last period concerning Georgia, Russian officials, including the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, are making statements as if Georgia is concentrating troops near the administrative border of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region of South Ossetia and plans to start combat actions. I categorically declare that similar unfounded accusations, aim of which is to compromise the democratic image of Georgia in the eyes of the international community and the artificial escalation of tension in conflict areas”, Tkeshelashvili said.


Georgian Foreign Minister stressed that “Georgia does not carry out any concentration of armed forces in conflict regions, as evidenced by the report UN Observer Mission of 21 April”.


“Georgia was, is and will advocate of resolving conflicts that exist on its territory only through peaceful means”, Tkeshelashvili stated.


According to her, the leadership of Georgia considers one of the tools to take away tension is direct dialogue with the de facto government of Abkhazia.


“This goal served the visit of representative of President of Georgia, Georgia’s envoy to the United Nations, Irakly Alasania to Sukhumi on 11-12 of May. Georgia in the future also will try to continue a direct dialogue with the Abkhaz compatriots. Moreover, the Abkhaz side is interested in preserving peace, which is a good prerequisite for success”, noticed Tkeshelashvili.


In conclusion, head of Georgian Foreign Ministry stressed that the Georgian leadership is aware of responsibility before all citizens without exception, including in respect of the population living in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region of South Ossetia.


“The aim of our policy is a salvation of the Abkhaz ethnic group”, announced Tkeshelashvili.


Meanwhile, Georgia Defense Ministry assesses events at the Inguri Bridge as a provocation.  Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Batu Kutelia commented on the events in Gali region.


In his statement, the situation in the conflict zone is under control and residents of border areas can take part in the elections. Kutelia called the fact of explosion of bus at the Inguri bridge as a provocation and said that “there are many destructive forces that do not want to see elections to take place in a calm atmosphere”.


A few hours ago Abkhaz police opened fire on a passenger bus near the village of Hurcha. Part of the population Gali tried to cross the administrative border to take part in parliamentary elections.

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