FACTBOX: Serbia’s Socialists, in their own words

(Reuters) – Courted by rival pro-Western and nationalist blocs for a coalition government, Serbia’s Socialists are torn between a new respectability in Europe and the legacy of their founder, autocrat Slobodan Milosevic.

Here is the manifesto of the party, which describes itself as a “modern, nationally constructed leftist party with a program based on social justice and democratic socialism”.

* The Socialist Party “is committed to a market economy and social justice, privatizations, the democratization of society and integration of Serbia into the European Union”.

* The party “is fighting for a united, stable and democratic Serbia, capable of expressing and fulfilling key national and state interests, ensuring freedom for all citizens, guaranteeing human and minority rights for all national communities”.

* It wants to create “a democratic state as a guarantor of peace and development of human rights and freedoms; a society of social justice that will emerge from poverty; guaranteed employment, health care, education and social care; stable social security; equal living conditions regardless of social or material status and origin; a state that develops good relations with neighboring countries based on equality, the principle of non-intervention (in each other’s affairs), respect and undisputable internationally recognized borders; a state that will, along with respecting its national and state interests and preserving its identity, be an equal participant in regional and European integration by the will of citizens”.

* “The fight for Kosovo within Serbia remains the top national and state issue. (The party) is in favor of a peaceful political solution in the form of autonomy and is against solutions that would jeopardize sovereignty and territorial integrity.

* The party is “for a united Serbia with two autonomous provinces… and against secession and federalization”.

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