Historical Gravestone Discovered in Northwestern Iran

r19.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A group of cultural heritage guards in Iran’s northwestern province of Zanjan has recently stumbled on a historical gravestone in the Dahaneh village near the town of Tarom.

The artifact was handed over to the Islamic Texts and Inscriptions Section of the Zanjan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department, the Persian service of CHN reported on Sunday.

The gravestone, which is damaged in some parts, belongs to a person named Yusof. It also bears some geometrical motifs and the date of 895 AH (1490 CE) when the Turkmen tribal federation Aq Qoyunlu ruled the area and several other regions in northern Iraq, Azerbaijan, and eastern Anatolia from 1378 to 1508.

The gravestone is a valuable artifact because of its attractive engravings, the Islamic Texts and Inscriptions Section director Parastu Qasemi said.

The artifact, which is made of sedimentary stone, measures 53 by 30 centimeters.

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