Iran steers clear of Qadeer Khan

r1.jpgForeign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said on Sunday Iran steers clear of Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan as he admitted that he made wrong statement against Iran in 2004.Speaking to reporters in his weekly press briefing, Hosseini said Qadeer Khan’s confession needs no clarification as he declared that his confessions against Iran in 2004 were taken under coercion and were totally fabricated.

On Western nuclear package, Hosseini said Tehran has not officially received any package from Group 5+1 by this time.

On Iran’s package diplomacy, he said Iran’s package will create a suitable ground for making a collective decision on the most important regional and international issues.

Iran’s package calls for expansion of political, economic and security as well as nuclear cooperation and respect for national sovereignty of other countries.

IAEA has said that Iran has ignored UN Security Council resolution on halting its nuclear program, he pointed out adding that Iran regards the demands as illegal.

Uranium enrichment is among the rights of NPT members, he said adding that ignoring such legitimate rights is against law.

Currently some 120 countries are not implementing additional protocol to NPT and the IAEA should not make any exception in favor of anyone to this end, Hosseini said

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